End of Summer Beauty Bash

Can you believe that summer is almost over!

While I look forward to cooler weather, boots, football, and pumpkin spice everything there’s just something about summer ending that is down right depressing.

to help with the depression I’m hosting an end of summer beauty bash that will give you a chance to win $500 worth of prizes this Sunday and Monday night.


My team and I are talking all things beauty and business. This is your chance to not only win some good stuff (hello mini fridge for your eye cream) but to also learn how we create income using social media.

Sunday and Monday night there will be 3 speakers sharing and each speaker will have a secret word to listen for to help you win more.


I’m speaking on Monday Night where I’ll be Dermoplaining my face…AKA shaving my face on live video and showing you my favorite nighttime routine. Yup, you heard right…I’m SHAVING MY ENTIRE FACE.

It’s a beauty hack I’ve recently started but it’s not what you think .

This is by invite only, and you’re getting on the list.

Click the button below to join

052: Happy Birthday Design Your Life Podcast, My Story, How To Get Started In Your Business, Organic Marketing & More With Sarah Belleau

Happy Birthday DYL Podcast!!!!! WOW What a year and boy did it fly by. In this Episode I’m talking with Sarah Belleau with Pretty Simple Sarah Podcast. She interviewed me on her show we’re discussing all things startup and motivation.


In the episode I mention an opportunity to partner with me, join a luxury beauty brand, and become an influencer. Click the button below to learn more.

Do you love yourself enough to invest in your beauty?

I’ve been giving it a lot of thought.

This business, Design Your Life, You (my follower), and me.

When I first created this brand it was because I had spent years designing beautiful spaces that people loved. Spaces that I’m so beyond proud of that they have left even me utterly speechless. Like did I really just create this! However my life was such a disaster that I hated it. You can read more about that HERE.

Recently I’ve been thinking about what my intention really was for this business and why I created it in the first place…to help women create the life they’ve always dreamed. To help them make good choices, love themselves, and to create thriving businesses that will allow them to live the life that they’ve wanted.

I’ve spent the last 3 years focusing on the business part and I’m now ready to really step into my own calling to discuss the self love part.

As I’m writing this I’m getting a pedicure with a mimosa on a Friday afternoon…because I can.

I’m an advocate of self love and doing what you can to make yourself feel better. Feel pretty . Feel sexy. Feel empowered. Women are at their best when they feel good.

Did you know that beauty treatments are biblical. Well They ARE! In the book of Esther when the king was looking for a new wife and they brought all of the eligible women into the harem they spent a year getting pimped and feed before they were allowed to be brought for the king. Even back then they knew the power of a well fed well taken care of women. And if it’s in the Bible, well need I say more!

Copy of Bold Social Media Horizontal.png

This is also the reason I partnered with a luxury beauty brand. Not only does their mission meet my own but it gives me a chance to not only pour into women on the inside but to help them feel beautiful on the outside too.

When I say this skincare is bomb…as in I’ve given up botox…and I’m more hydrated than I’ve ever been. I mean I turned 34 this summer so time to step it up a notch. Am I right.

These products are toxic free yet they are are clinical grade. That’s a first!

I would love to give you an opportunity to try them for yourself. No purchase necessary. All you need to do is fill out the form and I’ll send em your way. I do ask that you give me your honest feedback on them.

Girl It’s time you did something for yourself! This just might be the new way you start to love yourself more

EPISODE 51: Can You Really Build a Business Giving Away Free Stuff?

When it comes to the most commonly heard business advice, “The money is in the list” ranks right up there in the number one spot.

Whether you’re a coach, an information product seller, a top-notch service provider, or you’re selling a line of skin-care products, growing your mailing list must be a priority.

There’s plenty of strategies to help you add a steady stream of emails to you list, too. A downloadable resource guide prominently offered in your blog sidebar is a proven tactic, as is a training webinar that potential clients can attend live (or even pre-recorded). You’ve likely heard of—and tried—other strategies as well.

And while all of these ideas will produce a trickle of new opt-ins, or maybe more depending on your website’s traffic numbers, they won’t bring in a tidal wave of sign ups. But there is one technique that will.

The Beauty of Massive Giveaway Events

Imagine what would happen to your mailing list if you suddenly had 40 or 50 or even more super successful business owners—all with big lists of their own—promoting YOUR opt-in gift? You’d open your autoresponder account in the morning and see hundreds of new email addresses each and every day. You could easily double or even triple your list in no time at all.

podcast 51.jpg

And you know what all those emails mean—more eyes on your products and services, and more money in your pocket.

Giveaway events like this work because a group of business owners in similar niches all work together to drive massive amounts of traffic to a single page. It’s a simple technique that’s worked time and again in nearly every niche, and it can just as easily work for you.

Organization is Key

Here’s the thing, though. In order to make this (or really, any list-building strategy) work for you, you have to get organized and make the process as smooth as possible for all involved. You’ll need an infrastructure in place that includes:

·         A great looking landing page to collect email addresses

·         A website server that can handle lots of traffic

·         A hidden page where the offers can be presented, and participants can click each link to claim the freebies that appeal to them

·         A mailing list provider to follow up with both participants and your fellow business owners

·         A group of friends and colleagues who will commit to giving away some top-notch prizes and who will follow-through on mailings

It may seem like a lot of work, but when you consider what it could mean for your business growth, the benefits of hosting a large-scale giveaway are clear.


New Business, New Brand, New Man... WHO DIS

DesignYourLife Blog

I’m sitting here writing this having just gotten back from vacation in Fort Lauderdale. Let me tell you, 2 days later and I’m still reeling from the week. I loved every last second of it. I went with my new (dare I say) boyfriend. It’s been a long time since I uttered those words truly, so let’s not jink it.


I manifested ‘B’ a month and a half ago on my Birthday. If I’m being really honest I knew he was coming because a voodoo priestess told me so while I was in New Orleans in April. She laid out the cards and asked me if I was seeing someone and when I said no she pointed to the card in the middle of the neatly lined up stack and said “well right here it clearly says you’re going to meet someone in June and the very last card is the marriage card.”

I waved my hand away and told her I didn’t care about any of that, Tell me about the success, the business, the travel, the world changing things I’m going to do. Tell me about the book I need to write. Tell me about the women I’m going to help and save and befriend. I literally had zero interest in talking about love or men. When you’ve been burned as much as I have you learn to keep your head and heart out of the oven.

That’s not to say that I didn’t want to meet someone. I did. It just didn’t consume my life like it once did and I was devoted to myself more than finding a partner. There isn’t anything wrong with that so don’t think it’s selfish. It’s protection. Sure I played around, have you seen my IG story? But be truly in with another person and not have that ping from God saying “This isn’t right for you” is new territory all together.

But B appeared just like she said he would in June and out of the blue. It’s been one happy day after the next and the shocking realization that Oh HEY I actually can have a connection with a man. Don’t get me wrong though he has his plate full with two kids and a soon to be ex wife. Two things I never wanted to touch with a 10 foot pole and maybe I still don’t but right now I am happier than I have been in an extremely long time when it comes to romantic relationships. I’m treated like a queen.


I’m also learning that the plans I had for myself and the life I’ve dreamed of might not be the same life that God and the Universe have planned for me. Things are shifting over here. If you haven’t noticed Design Your Life has taken on a new look. I’m being called to speak more of my truth and really speak about the things I know I need to, how to actually love your life, How to trust your gut and your calling, how to step forth with fire and power but also with grace. I feel that when I find my voice you will also find the strength to find yours.

I’m connecting with new women on a bigger level. I’ve recently decided to step down from DoTERRA after being invited to join a new baby 1 year old beauty brand. I’ve sat with the CEO and heard her story of her vision for this brand how it is an opportunity for women to crate their own band and business online. Giving them the training to learn how to do that, giving them beautiful luxury products to sell, and the tools to create a curated social media platform to do it all on so that they can become that social influencer that makes an income from social media while uplifting, teaching, and putting that light out into the world. You can learn more about what we’re doing by clicking the image below.

Change is good. It’s scary AF I’m not going to lie. Releasing all your fears and just going for it weather that’s in love, speaking your truth, launching the business but going forward with the grace knowing that you’re protected and guided every step of the way…I think the women that truly do this feeling the fear but doing it anyway…those are the queens of this world.