002: How to Design Your Life


How to create a life you love

Before I started my business I spent a lot of time day dreaming about having an online business. I knew the only way to live the life I wanted and to make the kind of money I wanted to make I was going to have to create that, I didn’t necessarily know how or what that looked like but I use to sit around and think up thing that I could do or create or businesses that I could join that would give me that freedom.

Just before I made the decision to finally make my dream a reality I wasn’t in a very good place in my life. I was trying to get out of an abusive relationship, I hated my life, I hated my job. I was working as an interior designer and it dawned on me that we as humans can create such amazing things in this life. From art, architecture, jewelry, music,  interiors, clothing then why can’t we create a beautiful life.  You know I was in my late 20’s and I knew that hating my life wasn’t something that I was supposed to be feeling.

I started to do a lot of research and I was determined to make my life better and go after my dreams and about a year later I discovered my coach and coaching and for me the rest was history.

So how can you start to design a life you love?

 get really clear on what you want out of life. 

I truly believe that what we focus on is what the universe brings us and if you’re going to dwell on everything negative, what you don’t have, the lack of money, or romance and that’s what you talk about, think about, then the universe thinks that’s what you want. 

Then you need to start leaning into that and really think about what it would feel like to have those things and start living as if you already have it. That doesn’t mean to go out and start buying think like you’re a millionaire but it’s simply means to start showing upand living that feeling of being a millionaire b/c you unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference and if you’re living in hat feeling then the you’ll have no choice but to move in that direction.


 Start moving in the direction of your dreams.

If you want to start a business then just start. The longer you put it off for whatever reason the less likely you are to start. I have spoken to a lot of women who will get on calls with me to discuss this very thing and the next thing I know they tell me they aren’t ready and will start when the time is right. But here’s the thing, there is no right time. You’ll never have the amount of money you need to start, the time, the space, or the energy. No time is a good time so why not just get rid of the excuses and start.

Napoloian Hill who wrote the book Think and Grow Rich spent years researching successful people to find out what the common link was between all rich people and he found that

What all Rich People Know


1- They make decisions 

2- They make decisions fast. They don't wait, don't get second opinions, Don't interveiw 5 other coaches to hire, they don't wait for the right time or the perfect amount of money and if it doesnt work out they learn from it and make another decision.

3- Once they start they finish. 


It doesn’t have to be a huge life changing event but you can start slow and do what you can and work your way up. When I started Design Your Life I was working full time, and I had two side job on top of starting a business and I would get up at 5 am just to do 2 hours of work before work, go to work, then come home and work. That was my life and I did what was necessary on behalf of my dreams knowing that it wasn’t going to be this way forever.

Even if you can find just an hour a day to spend on starting your business that one hour can make all the difference and once you learn how to automate your business you won’t even have to do that but it doesn’t a little work up front.

Starting a business is hard work and I will be the first to tell you that. I don’t sugar coat anything or make you believe that make 10K a month is going to come easy

But in order to earn more you have to do more.

The last thing I want you to know about designing a life you love is to really sit and think about the calling on your life. Especially if you are wanting to become a coach. If you have the desire to start a business it’s because you’re meant to and nobody else in this world can deliver that business like you can and a big part of having the life you love is realizing your power and your calling and that you absolutely can have everything you want. It’s making the daily decision that your desires are greater than your fear and you’re going to make it happen no matter what.

The interesting thing that I have found is when people decide they want to start a business, and have a better life that it leaks into other areas of their life. They start taking better care of themselves, and looking at their relationships differently and it kind of has this domino effect.

So one thing I want you to ask yourself is in order to have a life you love in every area what type of women do you need to be? How can you start showing up and start being the version of yourself that you want and start showing up as that.