5 Must Read Books For Female Entrepreneurs

5 Books For Highend Earners.jpg

I LOVE books and usually could spend hours in a bookstore mulling over all of them trying to decide which one to let suck me in. I've created a collection of books over the years. If you've ever seen the background of my Facebook Live videos or training then you've seen my bookshelves. Below is my list of book that every high-end earner should read. 


1.  The Big Leap 


Can we say getting over our upper limits? If you feel stuck and unable to reach your goals then this book is for you. 

2. The Science of Getting Rich 


This book has been around for decades. Getting rich is a science and if you've ever wondered how to go about it then you should read this book or listen to the audio version. 

3. The Universe Has Your Back


Hands down one of my favorite books. If you've ever felt a calling on your life and want to understand the power that you have and how to use the Law of the Universe to help you, this book explains it all. 

4. She Means Business


I've followed Carrie's journey for a while. This book is filled with inspiration and stories that will prove that you can do it too!

5. The Desire Map


If you're anything like me then you have some pretty large desires. This book shows you how to reign them in and go after them.