How to get the Power of 3 in DoTERRA

When running a DoTERRA business the Power of 3 is key to setting yourself up for success.

Power of 3 should be what you focus on first when you’re starting out. It’s built on two main elements: structure and the Loyalty Rewards Program. This helps new builders focus on structure from the beginning, which sets them up for rank advancements in the future. Retention is an important part of doTERRA’s compensation plan: it’s what helps you build a significant residual income and that’s the focus of the Loyalty Rewards program (LRP).

Simply put this is where you get 3 people under you that want to be Wellness advocates. This is actually a lot easier than you might think. I’ve been able to do it without asking friends or family to join me and for someone that doesn’t like selling anything except for coaching packages that’s really saying something.

It does however take some time. Even more time if you don’t already have a following or network built up. Here’s how you go about getting your power of 3 quickly and easily.

  1. Lead with the Oils.

Being a DoTERRA Wellness Advocate means that you’re 100% about the oils. You shouldn’t lead with the business be instead lead by example of what they’re doing for your life. If you haven’t yet received an income from DoTERRA talk about what the business will do for you and how you plan on helping the people that join your team.

2. Be consistent

Just with anything online you have to be consistent to really see any effort to your hard work. Show up daily and talk about the oils, how you’re using them, along with other aspects to your brand. And yes by joining DoTERRA you have an opportunity to create a brand and really hit the ground running with this.

3. Invite

Talk about all of these things, sharing the oils is great but you have to tell people what you want them to do next. Invite them to learn more. Invite them to partner with you or to get a wholesale discount at the very least. It might seem odd but that’s the physiological part of running a business, especially online. People have to be told what action to take. Every single post needs to have a call to action.

Hopefully this post has inspired you to get busy with sharing the oils, adding this stream of income to your business, or simply trying the oils out for yourself.

Let’s get to the real juicy stuff at what the power of 3 means financially.

To earn the first $50 bonus, you and three people on your frontline must have a monthly total of 100 PV from LRP orders, and your team volume (which is you and those on your frontline) must be 600 PV or more. Team Volume does not have to just come from LRP orders.