The DoTERRA Experiment: I Hit Elite

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I Hit a huge milestone this week in my DoTERRA business.

I hit the rank of Elite. This is one of the first ranks before stepping into leadership. I am so excited and proud of myself. I actually thought it would be a lot harder to do this or at the very least would take a lot longer. I think that’s because I’m running this network marketing thing way differently.

If you’ve been reading along I’m doing what I call “The DoTERRA Experiment.” I’m growing this business along side of my coaching business and without asking friends or family to join me. That means I’m only using social media to grow. I’m also not doing any home parties….Not unless I’m asked.

I honestly thought it would take a lot longer for me to rank than it did. I mean I am doing this completely different after all. One thing to note is that I already have a following built up on Instagram and Facebook and just like I have with my coaching business I’ve niched my DoTERRA business as well. meaning I’m only marketing or speaking to other coaches when I talk about the business and the products.

Basically I’m running the network marketing side the same way I run my coaching business. To be honest I love these products so much that I’m not looking at this as I’m selling. I’m simply sharing. That means consistency is key.

My next goal is to hit silver by spring and help 3 coaches make it to Elite.

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