4 Ways to Land More Coaching Discovery Calls


As a brand new coach, your main focus is (and should be) getting people on the phone for one on one sessions.


I recommend anyone just starting out to only focus on your one on one program then move to create self-studies and group coaching offerings. I recommend this for two reasons...


 1. It's easier to get one client than it is to fill an entire program. We need to get you making money honey!


2. You need to make sure the person you are working with is indeed your ideal client before creating other offerings.




if you're just starting out with a very small following how do you get more discovery calls in the first place?

Here are 4 ways that will get you going.

1. CTA (Call to Action)

Right now, filling your one on one program or whatever it is that you're promoting should be your life. You need to breath eat and drink your offering. What I mean by that is everything that you post about needs to point back to your program and offering so end your post, LIVES, and emails with a call to action to book a discovery session with a link to do so.

2. Clear Links

Make sure the links on your social media are clear when it comes to the action you want the potential client to take. That means if you're promoting a discovery call for your one on one and you're saying "click the link in the profile to book" then the link in your IG account, Live, and Facebook fan page needs to be linked to the page for them to book. 

3. Buttons

People will find their way over to your website in every form or fashion. I promise when they find your content the first thing they will do is look for you on every social media platform and google to get your website. We're curious beings and when we find something we like or someone we resonate with we want to know MORE! This is a great thing but your website needs to have direction so make sure you have a button on your homepage that lets them book a discovery session. Go take a look at the Design Your Life homepage to see how I have mine laid out. 

4. Talk about it

People don't know what they don't know. They may not even realize that they need a discovery session. So talk about what to expect on the call, how it's free, what the client can expect any transformations or Ah-ha moments. You'll add this piece to your marketing, social post, and Lives. 

So now that you have your calls booked. What do you do next to prepare and make the sale?

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