The DoTERRA Experiment

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Whenever I scroll through my Facebook feed it's filled with friends selling. I'm sure yours is too. I made the business decisions to separate my personal Facebook page from my business page. I do not promote my business at all on my personal page despite having over 1K friends and family in my network. 


Well first of all I don't want to be annoying AF. Secondly I want to keep my coaching business and my personal life separate. Now that I've added the aspect of a network marketing business I will not be one of those that spams the hell out of sales images. You've seen the ones where people are selling anything from makeup to leggings and wraps to lip gloss. This way to sell a network marketing biz has been the same for decades. 

There HAS to be another way.

I've been in online business for a few years. I know a thing or two about social media and marketing. The question here is can an online business owner add an MLM to their existing business and have it succeed? Market it right alongside her current business and have it grow simply by using SEO, the platform she's already created, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook group?

I'm about to find out. 

Armed with my knowledge of online business I'm going to grow my DoTERRA business. You'll be able to read about the entire process here on the blog. I'm literally starting from ground zero with this. 

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Here are the rules: 

Never host a party. 

Now I say never but if someone in my area really wants to have one I may but I will not be actively promoting oil parties or asking my friends and family to host parties for me. They will have to seek me out for that.

Never recruit friends and family to join my team. 

This is a business added to my existing business. I want to build a team ideally with other coaches looking to incorporate DoTERRA into their own business. My dream for this is that together we create a thriving growing business as partners. That also means helping grow their coaching business as well. This means anyone that joins my team will be from organic marketing or those already in my business network on social media. 

All team members will be trained in Business.

Joining my team means that you are my partner. In order for me to succeed, you must also succeed. Access to my business tools and resources, programs, and weekly coaching. They will learn how to create an online business. If they want to host parties, great but I will only be training them the ways of the online world. 

I will give honest feedback on this experiment here on my blog. 

There is a good chance I could fail at this. There is also a good chance I can make a ton of money and build an amazing team that follows in my footsteps. Either way I'll be giving good info to those who are thinking about joining DoTERRA or any MLM for that matter.

You can follow along on my journey here on the blog!

Here is the page I've set up on my site or essential oils and if you're interested in finding out which oil you need in your life you can take the Oil Quiz I've created.