How I Ranked in DoTERRA in Two Weeks of Starting

DoTERRA Ranking

What I’m about to share with you is one of the reasons I joined DoTERRA.

It’s also the exact way I plan on running the business myself and making sure anyone that wants to join me does this too. So here’s goes.

The first thing that I think is important to say is that this isn’t like most network marketing businesses. It’s not every woman for herself. It is legitimately building a TEAM. And as the saying goes, here’s no I in team.

In order to rank at all in Doterra there are two things you need to keep in mind. PV or Personal Volume and the OV or the Overall Volume.

PV (Personal Volume)

The PV or the personal volume is the wholesale value of most of the Doterra products. Sometimes the PV may be less than the cost but generally they are about the same. However, shipping costs and taxes do not get a PV value, so the monetary amount of your order is normally more than the PV amount.

OV (Overall Volume)

The OV or the Overall Volume is your team volume. The OV becomes more important as you raise through the ranks and qualify for bonuses and rank advancements. The OV (overall Volume) is your PV (Personal Volume) and your teams volume added together. 

If you want to be successful in DoTERRA you must have a monthly LRP order of at least $100. I know what you’re thinking. You don’t want to spend $100 each month. Here’s the thing though this is a business and just like in your coaching biz, if you don’t invest in yourself and your business how can you expect anyone else to. Having the monthly LRP order is also what’s going to ensure you get paid when you start making money. You also accumulate point that you can use to buy product!

The first Rank in DoTERRA

Wellness Advocate

  • Monthly PV: 50

If you are a Wellness Advocate then you are on the first step towards success. The consultant needs a monthly PV of 50 to earn any commissions.

Average Monthly Income: $0 – $100+ monthly

This is the early stage of your Doterra business so you should be growing your customer base, building your network and creating your team.

Average Timeline: 0 months

The second rank and the one I made within two weeks

Manager Rank

  • Monthly PV: 100

  • Monthly OV: 500

Achieving the Manager rank is quite easy and simple. You and your team must sell a minimum of 500 OV in 1 month. This volume can be made up of:

  1. Enrollment kits

  2. Orders

  3. Personal sales

  4. Autoships (LRP order)

Average Monthly Income: $50 – $100 per month

Average Timeline: 1 month

Now remember how I said this is about building a TEAM?

Within DoTERRA you’re able to place people wherever you want them. Meaning my upline placed someone under me. and together we had a monthly OV of 500 and BAM I became a manager.

I recently enrolled another wellness advocate and I’m well on my way to rank again.

Why is all of this important and what does it mean if you join DoTERRA?

You wont be alone when it comes to building and growing your this part of your business.

More specifically those that join DoTERRA under me get full on biz coaching to grow your coaching and online business + grow DoTERRA. I only want those women that a fully committed to helping others and making a difference.