How Using Oils To Manifest Really Works


You probably know that essential oils make your house smell good and can be digested for all kinds of ailments and to enhance whatever you’re eating but how do they work on a spiritual level to aid in manifesting, abundance, anxiety, calm, and a sense of well being among other things.

It’s first important to understand your body and how your emotions and senses are connected to your thoughts and mindset.

It’s time to get woowoo!

The smell or taste of the essential oil elicit psychological, emotional, and energetic response. An easier way to say it is they provide an extra somethin’ somethin’ to the unconscious mind.

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I use oils in my daily practice by inhaling them as soon as I wake up (peppermint), throughout the day (based on what I’m needing), and when I lay down at night (lavender).

It’s important to go into any spiritual practice, mindset work with an open heart ready to receive. It’s really the only way you’ll see the things you want manifest.

And faith.

You have to go in believing, living your day to day like you know it’s going to happen without a shadow of doubt.


The last piece of the puzzle is gratitude.

Giving thanks for things the universe has given you already and will continue to give you. I like thinking about it like a relationship. If you were dating somebody and you continued to do things for them and they never once said thank you. You probably wouldn’t stick around or continue doing those things. Neither will the universe.

Here are some great oils to get your started:

  • Wild Orange (Oil of abundance)

  • Litsea (Oil of Manifestation)

  • Frankincense (Oil of Truth)

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