5 Secrets of Confident Women

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Since starting Design Your Life I have been lucky enough to meet so many women from all over the world. Just the other day I was on the phone with a fellow biz owner who I’ve never met in real life but through Facebook. We found common ground on being business owners and reaching to make change in the world. I have countless stories like this and now with the addition of Bellame to Design Your Life I’ve been able to connect with even more women than ever before from all over the country and right here in Charlotte.

I want to talk about confidence for a moment. There’s an idea that I have called becoming queen. Where you take full control of your life and make the decision to live happier and more fulfilled. How do you have confidence when you’ve been put down or don’t find your value? From coaching women on a daily basis to meeting other strong business owners there are 7 traits that they all have in common.

  1. They support other women.


Lets be really real about social media right now. It can be a mean hateful place. I love reading comments for post that have gone viral. Usually they’re pretty hilarious but occasionally there’s a hater. It blows my mind that people would say ANYTHING mean and negative to another person they don’t know but that’s our reality now.

Confident women support other women. They build them up, give words of encouragement, and look for the good. They would never think to rip someone apart with words just because they can.

2. They are their own biggest supporter


Look sister, If I gave up on Design Your Life everytime someone put down or made fun of what I was doing I wouldn’t be here right now and you wouldn’t be reading this. When it comes to living your life on your terms and doing the thing you’re called to do YOU have to take that vision and run with it. Don’t expect others to get it or to see your vision the way you do. There will be times where you’ll be the only one cheering yourself on and that’s okay. Confident women know this and it pushes them to go further even more.

3. They know there is always a solution

Back to social post, there is someone I see daily posting about their situation and how they need more money it breaks my heart to see because I know where there’s a will there’s a way. Confident women know this and when times get hard they find a solution to make it better vs dwelling on what’s wrong.


4. They Don’t Apologize For The Things They Want

Wanting more is not a bad. As a matter of fact it’s your right as a human to live life and have every experience you can and to reach for the things you want. Confident women know what they want and they go after it. period.

5. They speak boldly

Confident women speak boldly plain and simple. If you’ve decided to do something…join the company, start the business, go after the promotion, launch the blog. Being part of the social selling world I see women everyday that star their business then are afraid to show up and talk about it. Have a belief our a cause you support? Own what you’re doing. Talk about it. Shout it from the roof top if you need to.

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