End of Summer Beauty Bash

Bellame Beauty Bash

Can you believe that summer is almost over!

While I look forward to cooler weather, boots, football, and pumpkin spice everything there’s just something about summer ending that is down right depressing.

to help with the depression I’m hosting an end of summer beauty bash that will give you a chance to win $500 worth of prizes this Sunday and Monday night.


My team and I are talking all things beauty and business. This is your chance to not only win some good stuff (hello mini fridge for your eye cream) but to also learn how we create income using social media.

Sunday and Monday night there will be 3 speakers sharing and each speaker will have a secret word to listen for to help you win more.


I’m speaking on Monday Night where I’ll be Dermoplaining my face…AKA shaving my face on live video and showing you my favorite nighttime routine. Yup, you heard right…I’m SHAVING MY ENTIRE FACE.

It’s a beauty hack I’ve recently started but it’s not what you think .

This is by invite only, and you’re getting on the list.

Click the button below to join