Do you love yourself enough to invest in your beauty?


I’ve been giving it a lot of thought.

This business, Design Your Life, You (my follower), and me.

When I first created this brand it was because I had spent years designing beautiful spaces that people loved. Spaces that I’m so beyond proud of that they have left even me utterly speechless. Like did I really just create this! However my life was such a disaster that I hated it. You can read more about that HERE.

Recently I’ve been thinking about what my intention really was for this business and why I created it in the first place…to help women create the life they’ve always dreamed. To help them make good choices, love themselves, and to create thriving businesses that will allow them to live the life that they’ve wanted.

I’ve spent the last 3 years focusing on the business part and I’m now ready to really step into my own calling to discuss the self love part.

As I’m writing this I’m getting a pedicure with a mimosa on a Friday afternoon…because I can.

I’m an advocate of self love and doing what you can to make yourself feel better. Feel pretty . Feel sexy. Feel empowered. Women are at their best when they feel good.

Did you know that beauty treatments are biblical. Well They ARE! In the book of Esther when the king was looking for a new wife and they brought all of the eligible women into the harem they spent a year getting pimped and feed before they were allowed to be brought for the king. Even back then they knew the power of a well fed well taken care of women. And if it’s in the Bible, well need I say more!

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This is also the reason I partnered with a luxury beauty brand. Not only does their mission meet my own but it gives me a chance to not only pour into women on the inside but to help them feel beautiful on the outside too.

When I say this skincare is bomb…as in I’ve given up botox…and I’m more hydrated than I’ve ever been. I mean I turned 34 this summer so time to step it up a notch. Am I right.

These products are toxic free yet they are are clinical grade. That’s a first!

I would love to give you an opportunity to try them for yourself. No purchase necessary. All you need to do is fill out the form and I’ll send em your way. I do ask that you give me your honest feedback on them.

Girl It’s time you did something for yourself! This just might be the new way you start to love yourself more