Tavel: New Smyrna Beach FL

New Smyrna Beach

This week I’m spending the week with my family in New Smyrna Beach Fl. Much need time away with each other. Travel isn’t a new concept for my family. Growing up my father always planned a get away for us.

This week, just after Hurricane Dorian, back to school, and end of summer, New Smyrna is pretty much a ghost town and I love it. Having the beach all to myself pretty much.

I have to say the art of relaxing isn’t always something that comes easy. I don’t know about you but the moment I sit down to relax is the moment my mind goes into creating mode.

It also happens when I’m doing the dishes, working out, or anything else mindless. That’s what happens when you do things that don’t take much thought.

But relaxing in any form is needed. Below are some shots from the week.

image1 (5).jpeg