Attract More Clients With Free Content

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One questions that I'm getting a lot lately is

"How can I attract clients?"

While the obvious answer to this is by creating a freebie offer that you know your potential clients want and running a Facebook ad for it thus filling your list with glorious leads and allowing you to take over the world. Muuuuahahahah.

I'm all for Facebook ads. I think they're great but what I'm finding is that due to the market being SO saturated with ads and coaches sometimes they're overlooked. So I've been focusing on getting clients using free methods and it's worked too.

This year alone I've only run 1 test ad, that means pretty much ALL of my clients have come from free content. 

Here are 3 ways you can attract more clients with FREE content.


1. A solid free offer

If you're anywhere involved in online business then you know all about opt-ins. If not then get on board because this is how you're going to grow your email list.

You MUST have a free offer that your potential clients want. It should speak directly to their biggest pain point or need and show them the what but not the how.

Sort of like jab jab hook. 

If can share how to do X & Y but in order to get Z they must join your offer. However, the offer isn't pitched until much later.

If you need help with this then take a look at my funnel course 

2. The Power of Video

Don't underestimate FB LIVE, IG LIVE, YouTube and now IG Video. 

It is hands down the fastest way you can connect with potential clients.  it's also a fear you need to overcome. I promise the more you do it the easier it gets. But how cool is it that we can hop on a video and get our point across lickity split. People are much more likely to watch a video then read a whole bunch of words. It builds like know and trust quicker. So get on that LIVE training gravy train.

Need help learning how to sell on LIVES then jump in Female Coaching Society to get that training HERE.

3. Entice them with....YOU

Let be real, the reason you are reading this is because you were intrigued by something I posted that led you here. 

my shining face
my comic relief
the interest in this topic

Ok probably more of the last one but the other two don't hurt either. What I'm saying is don't be afraid to be you. THAT SELLS. Your PERSONALITY SELLS

So put it behind everything you do. 

You might want to create a whole buttload of pdf downloads and give them away for free, Which is amazing but put your personality and style into it.

Notice how I'm writing this just like I am talking to you? Add your voice to your post, newsletters and blogs.


Invite them to your offer!

It does not good to create all this content, show up online, and shine like a star if you don't even invite your people to join you for the main attraction, your program or service. 

Now go out there and claim your clients!