Be a Leader Not a Follower

When I was a kid my mom use to always tell me to "be a leader, not a follower." Back then it aggravated me to no end. Especially when I wanted a new outfit from whatever overpriced teeny bopper store was the rage or when She wouldn't allow me to try out for cheerleading, adding, that if I was going to do something with my time it wasn't going to be shaking my behind in front of the entire school shouting at the top of my lungs. Not that I find anything wrong with that but hey she sort of had a point.  


Instead, I opted for being in every stage play I could, the high school chorus, and yearbook staff. 

Little did I know that my Mominka (my pet name for her) was setting me up for my future life.

It's easy to get caught up in looking at what everyone else is doing in their business and wanting to do exactly that.

How can you be a leader in your industry and not a follower of every coach before you?


1. Own who you are 

Your quirks are what makes you. It separates you from everyone else. So if you snort when you laugh, wear a messy bun on the daily, or sport a deep southern twang own it. It's you and those you are meant to reach will love you even more because of it.

2. Take Note of the Competition but don't be them

It's good to know what your competition is up to, what their offer is, and how much it's going for but just because they're doing a launch for 10K 2 week program doesn't mean you have to. Go with your gut on this. Create programs and offerings because you know your clients are needing it and put the price tag that feels right to you.

3. Show up

To be a leader in your industry you have to actually show up and be seen. That's all part of being a leader right so don't put off the Live, the YouTube Channel, or the Podcast anymore. Your people are waiting to hear from you!