What all Women Millionaires Have In Common

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I was listening to a training awhile back that was talking about the book Think and Grow Rich by Nepolean Hill, The author researched successful and rich people to find out what they have in common which is the context of how Think and Grow Rich was written. 

We are lucky to live in a time where women can rule and become whatever they want to be. We're creating businesses and making millions doing the things we love. 

So what do all women millionaires have in common?


Most women don't allow themselves to really feel what it is that they truly want, let alone actually go after it. Your desires are what keep your fire alive. They are the things that become your big why and all millionaire women know that desires play a big part in having the life you want. Lean into your desires. Go after them and let them guide your way. It's okay to have wants and it's okay to dream big. You are meant to have them all.



All successful people have mentors that are playing at a much higher level then where they're at. These are people they strive to be like, inspirations, and someone they can reach out to when they need support. You have to be ready to make the investment to hire someone that is already where you want to be. 


Millionaire women know that in order to even become millionaires they have to sell their product offering or service. This means they put themselves out there. They show up and do what needs to be done in order to shout it from the rooftops that their business is the best there is. 


Luxury and being in that feeling of divine feminine is a non negotiable for millionaire women. They do things that make them feel good, relaxed, and alive. This could mean flying first class to creating a really good skin care routine, eating good foods, or even simply taking a walk. Do things that make you feel amazing on a regular basis. 


Honestly this list could go on and on.

Millionaire women also show up daily, they take risk, and they know that their passion and desires far outweigh those risk. That's why most millionaire women just go for it. They aren't afraid to start their businesses and they don't let anything stand in their way. 

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