Coaching Business Makeovers: It's Time for a Change

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When is the last time you changed the theme on your website? Changed your headshots? Rewrote your “About” page?

If the answer to any of those is more than a year ago, listen up, because big coaching paychecks require more than a fancy sales page and an email pitch. If you want to attract high-end clients, you have to look and act the part.

Headshots Done Right

We all looked better ten years ago, but that’s no excuse for using old, outdated or—heaven forbid—amateur headshots.

When you’re selling coaching programs that range into the five figures, looking professional is critical, and that starts with great headshots. Hire a photographer who specializes in portraits for speakers and coaches. Expect to spend a few hundred dollars for a selection of high-resolution images you can use in all your marketing materials, including on your website.

Get Your Website Redone

Speaking of websites, if you’re still using the same theme you designed yourself, it’s time for a new look. While you can say that potential clients should not judge you by the way your site looks, they will. A clean, modern website will work wonders to improve your credibility and start attracting the right clients.

While you’re at it, take some time to solicit new testimonials. Don’t just load them all up on a single page though. Take the best ones and add them to your sales page, put them in your email newsletters, and include them in your lead-gen materials as well.

Don’t forget your “About” page, either. This one is hard for most people, so it’s a good idea to have someone else write this, or at least have a writer revise the one you wrote. Remember to include your most recent accomplishments, any awards or accolades, your speaking engagements, and anything else that lets people know you’ve got what it takes to help them grow. Include a few personal details as well, so readers will feel as if they know you just little better for having read it.

Lastly, remember to update your social media profiles as well. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others have a long reach, so you want to ensure that no matter where potential clients find you, the information is consistent and professional.

Getting new headshots and making over your website might feel like a waste of time, but the truth is, people do judge a book by its cover, and you often only have a second or two to make an impression. Make sure it’s the best one you can make.

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Episode 31: Lessons Learned: What A Lost Client Really Tells You

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We’ve all lost clients. Sometimes it’s our fault. Sometimes it’s theirs. Sometimes it’s out of everyone’s control.

But no matter the reason, there is something to be learned from a lost client. A system to review lost clients will help keep your business improving and growing.

Exit Interview

Typically done when you leave a job, an exit interview is also a great way to review what went right—and what went wrong—during your coaching relationship. You’ll want to review:

·         The progress your client made

·         What specific advice or tools did not work for her

·         Any personality conflicts

·         Why she’s moving on

This is not the time to get defensive. Be open to her criticism (if there is any) and use the information to genuinely improve your business.

Be Honest With Yourself

One of the most common reasons for client loss is that the customer is simply not a good fit. Maybe you suspected it when she signed up, or maybe not, but now that she has moved on, ask yourself:

·         What signs were there that she was not the right fit?

·         Why did you ignore any signs that were present?

·         How can you use that information to protect yourself from a less-than-ideal client in the future?

If you can identify a bad client/coach match from the start and decline the work (or better still, refer her to another coach who is a good fit) you’ll find you have a lot less stress in your day-to-day business.


Sometimes, client loss is as simple as a lack of understanding on your client’s part. Do you clearly state:

·         The schedule of calls/emails

·         The requirements for scheduling a call

·         Reporting requirements

·         Length of your contract

Do you also have a system for staying in touch with a client who has gone quiet? Sometimes all it takes is a phone call to get your wayward client back on track. Many coaching relationships have been salvaged with a simple phone call or email, so if you haven’t heard from a client in a while, pick up the phone.

Here’s the bottom line: Client loss happens. But if you can learn from each client, and use that intel to improve your business, then even a lost client can be turned into new profits.

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5 Different Income Streams You Can Add to Your Coaching Business



Statistically, the worlds most successful people have at least 7 streams of income. I'm currently sitting at 5 streams of income in my own life, go me!

Here are 5 streams of income you can easily add to your coaching business so that you can reach your income goals.


1. one on one coaching

This is pretty self-explanatory and one that you already provide. It's no lie that one on one coaching should be a stream of income if you're a coach. That doesn't mean that you have to offer this or any of these for that matter all the time but being able to take clients that want to work with you privately is a great way to boost income.

2.Self Study Programs

One thing you are going to want to do is to create offerings and products at different price points. This allows you to meet the needs of all your potential clients and meets them where they are. Maybe they aren't ready to spend thousands or they just want to try out a program before going in deep with you, a self-study program allows this to happen. It's also a low commitment option for those that may not have the time to invest so they can't go at their own pace. 

3. Group Coaching

This can be a high earning options for you. Usually, group coaching is less than one on one coaching but because of you are able to take on more clients at one time it ensures you're setting yourself up for being able to do more, and help more while creating more income for yourself. 

4. Retreats

Retreats are a luxury offer and can be tied into your group coaching program by being offered to VIP members for at a higher cost or you can run retreat events that are open to anyone who wants to join. Keep in mind that not only do you need to charge for your time but also for renting the space out, meals, and anything else you want to offer. 

5. Books and Ebooks 

If you aren't taking advantage of this one you are truly missing out. It is so easy to create ebooks and books an either sell them from your website or sell them on Amazon using Amazon's Createspace. This options can also provide recurring income. 

The good news is that this is YOUR business so you get to run things the way you want. You can implement all of these or a few to create you offering suite.

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