Big Changes for DYL!!!!!

This morning I announced the launch of DYL Collection! 

This is something I'm so Excited about and have always wanted to do. It took me a while to actually get it out into the world because I went back and forth on if this would really fit into my business. So I just sat with it for awhile....OK a really long while. 

Over the last month I've been really trying to figure out what exactly I want DYL to be about and stand for. This all came about after I hired a coach that I'm not exactly agreeing with all that she's telling me to do. One in particular is to stop with the sales funnels, webinars, teachings and just go out and message people that I want to work with but who I feel may not need me. 

This has set me on a whirlwind of WTF am I doing. I LOVE the systems and the structures of a business. It's what I'm good at and its what I teach my clients how to do. How can I just stop doing them if it's the very basis of my entire business.

This is where some deep digging started. I don't merely want DYL to be about systems and structures but I want it to be about loving your entire life as a whole. YES building a freedom based business can help with that but what about outside of work? 

Do you love your your home, your city, your thoughts,  your relationships and if not are you willing to change that. To look inward and find out what the hell is happening. Why are you sad and blah all the time. Are you ready to do the work and what it takes to overcome and really create a life you love?

These are the things I want DYL to be about not sales funnels or websites. If designing mugs, bags, and home decor is something I enjoy doing then why the hell not add it to my brand? Along with anything else that has to do with lifestyle. It's my business and I can do this any way I want.

That's exactly what I would tell my clients. It's yours do it the way you want to and what feels the best. I was ignoring that feeling myself. I was afraid that by running the coaching side and running a membership that also running products would all be too much. It didn't feel too much but what wold everything think or say?

That's the problem we often over analyze things to the core and are afraid of how it might look when really nobody cares and the people that love you already and love what you're putting out are truly the only ones that matter.

I want for Design Your Life to be a testament as to what's possible. That if you have a dream or an idea you can make it possible. 

XoXo, Heather