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Why Your Story Matters to Your Business

I find it very odd when certain things pop up over in over. My friend and fellow coach Kate would tell me then it's probably something I need to be focusing on. There's a reason why things keep coming to you. This week has been all about branding.

I recently joined course on becoming more visible which is something I've committed to working on for 2017.

When I first set sail on this whole business ownership thing I knew that it was important to create a brand around my business as this is what makes people stop and take a look at what I'm doing online and then become interested. I had no idea that part of branding also involved my story. 

When I started my interior design business I accidentally came across this as my about me page went into great detail about how if my grandparents had lived into my adulthood I probably would have went into fashion and I took the name of his business and brought it back to life for my own. I got so many comments on how that story resonated with people. They felt like they knew me and what my business was all about.

Fast forward to the creation of Design Your Life and I knew I was going to have to get even more personal with where I had been in my life. I wanted this brand to be about overcoming and following your desires and a huge part of that required to me to get open, honest, and down right real. 

For those that have been following me from the beginning you know I've shared some pretty deep stuff and I do that so that you all know that I've also been in the trenches. I wasn't born standing outside of the Eiffel tower. I actually crawled, scrapped, and made it a non-negotiable in my life because I knew I wanted it that badly and I share all of that with you so that you will know that you too can have whatever you want. You can design your own life.

You are sitting here reading this right now because my brand story drew you in. in the same way your story will draw your clients in. 

I want you to take some time to sit down and write your story. What has happened that has lead you to this point?

 How can you incorporate that into your business?

I would love to hear what your story is so feel free to message me! 


Goddess Interview with Anna Shalray

This month I got to interview the very talented Anna Shalray with

Not only is she on a mission to get people healthy and feeling their best but she's also an actress! She had an appearance on one of my favorite shows, Nashville, how cool!

We both agree that living your best life means feeding your body the best. You can't be a woman with purpose who is changing the world when you aren't taking care of yourself. You deserve to live the most amazing life but you also deserve to eat the best foods.

One of my favorite things in the morning is a green shake. Everyone tells me it looks disgusting but I promise you it is amazing! I use a Nutribullet to blend it together:

1 handful of spinach, 1 banana, fill with almond milk to the water line

And that's it, If I'm in a hurry this is usually  my go to as I'm dash out the door. 

You don't have to make drastic changes but adding a few healthy things more often can result in big changes in how you feel.

Anna also gives some good tips if you are interested in being a health coach!

Why You Need to be Using Instagram now as a business owner

As I'm sure you are well aware there has been an Instagram vs. Snapchat battle that has ensued.

I personally wasn't a big Snapchatter. I certainly played with the filters and I watched everyone snaps but I didn't really post that regularly. However, since Instagram now has stories I've posted every single day. 

Pretty much everyone is questioning is Instagram going to replace Snapchat? Which one do I use?

I don't think Insta will replace snap however as a business owner I would highly consider moving to Instagram over Snapchat or at least posting on both. 

The reason I feel that you MUST have an Instagram account as a business owner is....

1. It's a visual platform, meaning you really get to set the stage for your brand and what you're all about. Which let's be honest, branding and color is the reason you follow the companies and brand you do. So why wouldn't you want to brand yourself and your business? 

2. Reaching people is pretty simple, hashtag the heck out of your post. Only use hashtags that your ideal client would be searching for. I have provided my list of hashtags and few others on my private Facebook group HERE

Now for the Story part!

3. Instagram stories have a further reach than Snapchat. With Snapchat only people that follow you can watch your stories. On Instagram anybody can watch your story. That means when someone click on  your profile they will have another way to watch and connect with you. 

It's all about the like, know, and trust factor which is one of the most important things for online business. 

You can go check out my Instagram @designyourlife_now

Post your handle in the comments!