What I Learned From Clint Eastwood

A few months ago I hosted an event at the Ritz Carlton here in Charlotte, NC. Really I just wanted a night of something different so I decided to throw a get together in a location that I knew the people who were on the invite list wouldn't normally go to.

I also really really reallllllly enjoy the free jazz music the Ritz has every Friday and Saturday night.

I had planned to go to two other fancy spots before arriving at the Ritz. The other locations had the same theme for the night. However we were not able to get in as they are first come first serve type places and our group was large. 

The group arrives dressed to the nines and I must say that I've pulled off a great event! Even though we weren't able to get into one of the previously planned locations,  everyone is saying how much they are enjoying themselves. I notice a few older gentlemen in the crowed but don't really think much of it. My girl friend Erin and I make our way to the bar for some martini action. Her and I are chatting away when a hand slides beside me and lands on the bar next to me. My first thought was how rude (Stephanie Tanner Voice)! I turn and notice that it's one of the older gentlemen and just ignore him. That is until we turn around to realize we're now surrounded by the three older gentlemen. They immediately asked if we were from Charlotte.

I'm not the kind of person that blows someone off when they try speaking to me so I delighted in the conversation that went a little something like this...

Gentleman 1: "Charlotte is such a great city!"

Me: Why yes it is, what brings you to town?"

Gentleman 1: Oh we're here for a movie."

Me: That's wonderful, lots of movies are filmed here! You must be here for the new Sully movie. 

Gentleman 2: Yes we're here for the Sully Movie.

Sully movie = Miracle on the Hudson about the plane the crashed into the Hudson River. Sully, the pilot lives in Charlotte. 

We continue the conversation for another 10 minutes or so. Meanwhile Erin is trying to push me out of the circle because we've been entertaining the older guys for far too long.

I continue the conversation....

Me: So what's your role in the film?

Gentleman 2: Well I'm the camera man and Clint here is the director.

Me: Oh wow! That must be a great job! How long have you been doing that.

All the gentleman start looking at each other with a is she serious look.

Gentleman 2:  Well I've been Clint's camera man for about 30 years now.


I looked at Erin and back at the Gentleman then back at Erin and said, "Erin, we aren't going anywhere. This is Clint Eastwood!!"

By that time the rest of our group had started to figure out who I'd been chatting to and the question "Do you have any idea who you've been talking to this entire time?" started as well. 

To say I was floored is an understatement. I had just been chatting it up with a Hollywood legend and what's worse is I had no idea I had been talking to him the entire time. 

I will say this though, he is exactly as he seems on camera as he is in real life. The voice, mannerisms, everything.

My point of this post is to remind you to make it a daily practice to connect to those around you. Strike up a conversation or simply say hello. You never know who you might be standing next to- A potential client, a really good business connection, the love of your life, or Clint Eastwood.

It's those moments in life where you truly are present with those around you that make for some of the most epic days.

I challenge you to really connect this week with the people you come in contact with. Say hello, ask them how they are, or about whatever is happening in that moment. You just might make an impact in someone else's life as well!! Or end up with a really good story!