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Top 5 Tips For Starting Your Business Online

I built my first business, an interior design business, completely online. Also known as e-design. I spent a lot of time and money researching "how to build a business online" and "how to find clients online." I built my website and ran my first ad on Facebook not knowing exactly what I was doing. Please I beg you don't make that mistake. You'll end up wasting a lot of time and money if you don't really understand what you're doing. After a lot of trial and error and a couple years later here are my

top 5 tips for starting your business completely online 


Like really really know them. We call them,he or she, your ideal client and it's that dream person you would love to work with. This is so important because this ideal client is who your business is going to speak to. As in your ads, your copy, what and how you put content out into the world. Even your brand will speak to this person. So every small action or every big decision you make in your business is to draw this ideal client in. 
That means it's extremely important that we know who what and where that person is. What are their pain points. What problem do they need solved that only you have the cure for.  What service or product are you going to create to help with this problem.


2. Your Brand and Website are Just as Important as Your Portfolio

As creatives we sometimes get caught up in our portfolio and how it will be presented along with the content in it. When you have an online business your brand and website become your portfolio. Both must work together because the first thing a potential client will look at is if this business resonates with them. 

You need to ask yourself how do I want to show up online, what look do I want to convey, does my brand and website speak to my ideal client. What feeling do I want my future clients to have when they look at my brand. Does my brand represent who I am and is it something I am proud of. 

3. Consistency is Key

Not Being consistent in your business is a top reason most end up failing. 
It takes dedication but you need to remain consistent to build trust with your online followers. This takes time so creating a plan you can follow and stick by is important. Take time to set your intention for the week. Pre-plan your content that you are going to post, set aside time to write your blog post and newsletters. Being ahead of the game is important for keeping up with consistency. Make a point each week to decide how you are going to show up in your business.

4. Know Your Worth

One thing that most new entrepreneurs have trouble with is pricing their services. usually they price too low for fear that nobody will buy. 
The thing is you must set your pricing at a number you feel confident in and that is equal to the amount of work you will be doing. Also take into account how much you need each month to live to figure up how many clients you you will need based on your pricing to meet that goal.

Remember you know more than you think you do and your time is valuable. Your ideal clients and tribe will always want to work with you regardless of the cost. This brings me to the final point

5. Believe In What You Are Doing

You can't merely want it you have to actually believe in the work that you are doing. Trust the process of building a business and all the time and hard work that it takes. Trust the path that you are on and remember that you are meant to do this work. You are meant to reach people and change their lives with whatever it is that you are putting out into the world. 
Nobody can do that job like you can and that's the reason you have been given the gifts that you have. 

There will be hard days and moment of doubt but the good thing is you don't have to go it a lone and once you know how to get past the hard days and push the fear away the quicker you will reach your dreams. Reach out to those who have gone before you and learn from them. They've already paved the way for you.

If you're ready to push your business and desires to where you've been dreaming of then apply for a free discovery session with me. The first step is putting your dreams out into the world. 

Follow your heart lovely.





Something I've Been Afraid to Share

Earlier this week I sent a newsletter about my trip to Paris last week, where I met women from all over the world that I've been working with the past 6 months. Our meeting in Paris was like a graduation if you will. We spent 2 days looking back on where we've come these past 6 months and created a plan for the next 90 days going forward in our businesses. Successful people usually have some sort of game plan to go by!


I've really thought long and hard about this post. In fact I wasn't even sure I would send it and as I type the letters now there is a good chance that I might not hit send when I'm done. I know I've said it a lot, that this trip was amazing and that I always knew I would get to go back to Paris. I've used that many times in my messaging however this is first time I've actually told the real story about why.

I've never been vulnerable when it comes to my personal life in my business but I'm about to open up to you about why Paris means so much to me and why I'm using it in my branding. 

I hope that me opening up to you is proof that you can do anything and you can have the life you desire.     

Back in 2010 I came to Paris with my then boyfriend of 4 years. I had always dreamed of Paris. I love the city before I even stepped foot in it because I had studied the art and architecture in college. It was a dream of mine to be able to visit. At the time I was working my first real design job out of college, only making 27K a year. My boyfriend on the other hand did really well for himself and we traveled often, so he planned to take me to Paris. While there he proposed at the very tip top of the Eiffel Tower, in the restaurant at the top. As a matter of fact these black and white photos are my engagement photos

Every girls dream right?  

I wont lie, it was magical. Then again Paris is magic. 

Fast Forward 6 months and that relationship came to a screeching halt and my world was turned upside down. I randomly found out that he had been married twice and had a child from an ex-girlfriend that I never knew about. He had lied even though I asked those types of questions when we met and what's worse is he wasn't caring for his responsibility as a father. 

I thought long and hard about it. About the kind of woman I wanted to be and what my worth was and ultimately made the decision to end the relationship. It was the hardest choice I've ever had to make but I knew I wanted more for my life than one built on lies and unhappiness.  

One of the last things he said to me was "you better make sure this is what you want because nobody will ever give you the life and things that I have given you."

After that I made it a mission to do everything we had ever done together over again, but this time on my own dime. I redid all the local places, I took myself to Hawaii again (our first BIG trip together) and last week to Paris. I booked an expensive hotel, ate and did what I wanted. Not only did I take myself to Paris but I built a life for myself that allowed me to go and it revolved around business, not one that someone "gave" to me. When I say the redo was better than I could have ever imagined for myself, I mean it!

Nobody should ever be made to feel like they are stuck in a situation or that things are only as good as they currently are. In my case this came from a former significant other but sometimes we also hear things like this from bosses, parents, co-workers, and/or friends. 

Things are never as good as they currently are, they're better, and I'm proof of that. 

You create your life, nobody else. You get to decide what it looks like, the places you'll go, the people you work with. You even get to decide how happy you are. 

If someone does tell you that you can't or that you're stuck, use those words to fuel you fire. You may not know when or how it's going to get better but that doesn't matter right now. I knew 6 years ago I wanted to redo Paris more than anything else. I didn't know when or how but I knew it would happen and it did. Granted, I didn't just sit there and wait. I positioned myself and took leaps and risk in life and in business to get there. I trusted my path and judgement. I also trusted the desire to build success all on my own. 


If you're sitting here reading this, living a life you hate. Being TOLD by someone that you'll never have better, or FEELING like you'll never have better. Being told you can't be creative or spending your time in a soul sucking job making someone else rich with your talent. Then I urge you to act on those words and feelings to change them. You hold your future in your hands!


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