money mindset

Show Your Money Respect

This past weekend Robert and I took off to New Orleans. Being able to easily pick up and go is something I've always wanted to be able to do and it excites me that it's possible!

While we were there we toured cemetery no. 1, this particular cemetery is the one where Marie Leaveau is buried along with Nicolas Cage's strange pyramid tomb. Trust me when I say this tour is wildly interesting.

Our tour guide had a safety pin with a about $40 worth of dollar bills pinned to her shirt. This is Crescent City tradition when it's  your birthday to put a safety pin on your shirt so complete strangers can walk up and put money on you. This is a really fun tradition, I have a photo somewhere on the site doing this very thing on my 30th birthday.

Later that night we were talking about the day and Robert said "I don't really like the idea of putting a hole in money."

Before I said anything I let him finish. "I don't want to get money and it have a hole in it"

"Yeah, you have to respect money don't you." was my response.

I was immediately reminded of what Marie Forleo said about walking past money that you see on the ground. She said that she never walks by money she sees without picking it up, even if it's just a penny, because it is literally the universe giving you money and you need to be open to receiving it.

Not to mention if you walk right past a penny because it's simply a penny it's like telling the Universe that you don't really care about money.

I want you to think about how you might be disrespecting money. Do you constantly talk about it in a negative light? Do you always feel that it's hard to come by or constantly stressed by?

If the answer is yes I want to give you a few ways in which you can start to shift that mindset.

1. Sit down and write about your very first memory of money. Was it good or was it bad? Does this have any reflection on your belief of money?

2. When you start worrying about money I want you to repeat "Money is coming to me" or "There is enough money for everything I want." come up with your own mantra if you need to.

3. Is there anything that you can start doing today that can start bringing in money? Could you finally create that opt-in, or run your Facebook ad, create the program that you know your clients need. 

Be mindful of your thoughts about money. The negative thoughts hold you back more than you think and you were made for so much great darling