One of the most common questions I get from Instagram about my feed is “how did you do that.”

A few months ago I decided to take my feed to a whole new level and began searching ideas for how I could stand out. That’s when I found the puzzle feed. The amount of feedback I have gotten and the growth my IG account has received over past few months is insane. I’m happy that I am now offering you the opportunity to do the same!

Introducing Brand Your Gram

Ready to take your IG feed from boring to wow?
Want to create a feed that will actually make you money?

This has been my number one secret this year to getting clients directly from Instagram.


Instagram Template:

1 photoshop template
1 recreated template for Canva
1 Video Tutorial on how to use your new template

30 days of photos added to your template so you can get started posting


1 Video course for how to plan your Instagram content and how to Brand Your Gram