Module 1: Claim what you want


Module 1 I will open up and share with you my journey to creating a life I love. How I not only developed a love for self but also a successful business. 

How does levering the Universe work? Learn how to put what you truly desire out into the world to manifest it without worry. Discover  your own power for designing a live you love.


Module 2: Drop Fear, Doubt, & Overwhelm 


Module 2 we look at where your fear is coming from. I'll take you through the most common blocks and beliefs. Together we will discuss how these have effected our life and I will show you how to flip the switch so that you create new and better thoughts and beliefs. 

Learn how thoughts become things. I will walk you through a process on clearing these beliefs that you can begin to implement into your daily life.


Module 3: Knowing your truth and alignment


Have you ever tried to manifest something and it just didn't happen? In this module we'll be taking a look at alignment and how to ask the universe for what you want and what you could be doing to cause it not to happen. 

I'll show you to listen to yourself to distinguish between your truth and a limiting belief.  


Module 4: The Law of Abundance


What is abundance really and how do you actually attract it to you. Learn how to manifest anything from money, love, success, joy into your life with ease and grace. 

You'll discover how the universe and our surroundings play a huge role in what we wants the most and if we actually get it. 


Module 5: The Best You 


What type of woman do you need to be in order to receive the things you desires. How do you show up in the world to attract clients, money, love, success?

In this module we will be talking about how to step into your power, fine tune your gifts, and become the very best you that you're meant to be.