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I have dabbled in oils for years. I sleep with lavender in a diffuser every night. It started out with a way to make my home smell good. In my pack of oils was a small bottle of frankincense. It was months before I opened the bottle because I wasn't sure what to do with the woody, earthy smell. 

One night I got to thinking about it. Frankincense was one of the gifts that the wise men brought to Jesus when he was born. That means it must be special, right! 

Frankincense has healing properties but it is also the oil that can help you connect with your higher self, it's called the Oil of Truth. I started using Frankincense during breath work meditation and have been transcended. So much clarity of what I should do next in my business has been revealed to me through the use of this oil and an open heart to receive. 

Design Your Life isn't just about creating a successful business but creating happiness in all areas of life. This includes how you nourish  your body, mind, and spirit. Couple that with teaching you how to share this wonderful gift with the world and making income while serving.


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