Most people think if it doesn't work out, if things don't happen, if they never get rich, if they never get to travel, or feel love then it isn't meant to be.

I say, You get to decide. You get to design your own life


You know you were meant for so much more. You know you should be living a life you love but right now you are stuck wondering how you will ever make enough money, hating your life.

You are tired of the struggle. 

This was created for the woman who wants to dig deep. A go-getter who has big dreams and talents. She is willing to do the work to get there. she knows that this is an investment that will help to make her dreams come true. She is ready to take her business from concept to launch. 


Do you feel overwhelmed with all the options, training, and possibilities?

Do you feel like you don't know enough to be a coach?

Are you lacking the confidence that you're meant to be a high end coach?

Does it all seem like it's too hard and too much?




Quit your 9-5


Get Paid Your Worth


Create a passion 

filled business

Attract New Clients


Make 10K This Month

Travel The World

Get rid of feelings of self-doubt, negative talk, and self hate 

Be able to afford anything and everything that you desire. 

Create a luxurious lifestyle that allows you to live and work the way you want

Have the support and guidance from someone who has been there before you to lead the way and show you what needs to be done.

Finally get help creating your Designer program or service so you can stand out against the rest of the industry


You're looking to make a radical change in your life and business.

You want to reach the 6 figure mark.

You're ready to make money being you and you want a program and brand that reflects that. 


I'm going to help you make all of this happen with Design Your Life Mastermind

The Design Your Life Mastermind is about creating money making and list building strategies. Developing your brand and your content so that clients are drawn to you and you no longer have to feel like you're chasing. 


You will walk away with a clear idea of why you are running your business, who you are serving, and  feeling like a CEO of not only your business but your life. You will be able to market like a pro and bring clients in the door with the confidence and knowledge about what they really want and need from you. Now is the time to design the life and business you've always wanted.  

This is an exclusive and special opportunity to support you in creating your designer offer and your brand so that you stand out and get noticed.  

Heather Franks_Charlotte personal branding photos-85.jpg

This is a 4 month mastermind program open to  women who are ready to show up in big ways.

If you're tired of being on the sidelines while everyone around you is making money, getting clients, and living a life they love then you need this program. It's time to start setting yourself apart and stepping into the world as the coach you're meant to be. 



-30 min complementary discovery call

-Weekly transformation sessions by Skype call or Zoom. 

-Exclusive Material- You'll have weekly homework that will set the stage for that week.

-We will go over your website, branding, ideal client, marketing.

-We will work together on making your product or service stand out by creating your content and marketing.

-email access to me whenever you need.



Here are a Few things we will cover


Month 3- build your business & PERSONAL BRANDING

  • Create a gorgeous brand that sets you apart from the rest of your industry.
  • Learn the ins and outs of developing a visual brand that immediately attracts your ideal clients.
  • Understand the importance of being consistent and cohesive across all platforms.
  • How to take your idea from concept to launch
  • Step by step action plan to achieve your goals
  • Tools for website creation 


  • Get clear on your desires 
  • Dive into your money story and how to change it
  • Learn what motivates and inspires you.
  • Live as if
  • Create a Success Mindset
  • Learn how to turn off negative thoughts and patterns
  • Discover your money story
  • Discover how you can be the best woman you were meant to be
  • Learn to love and attract money with ease

month 4- Program Development

  • Learn basic coaching techniques
  • Get my list of questions that I ask on discovery calls
  • Learn how to overcome objections to get clients to buy
  • Course/Program outline
  • Marketing your Course
  • Opt-in development that leads to your course



Month 2- Success & IDEAL CLIENTS

  • Live as if
  • Identify your ideal client 
  • Use your experiences to benefit the lives of others.
  • Get clear on your target audience and what their wants, needs, and desires are.
  • Uncover the reasons why your client needs to work with YOU.
  • How you can help them better than anyone else in the world.







IF you know you are meant to be stepping into your power as the go to coach in your industry don't miss out on this unique opportunity to build your business from concept to launch.