If you think creating a website that is sleek and attractive means hiring someone and paying them thousands think again...



Now You Can Quickly + Easily Build a Wildly Popular website using squarespace

Start making the money you deserve and attract your ideal clients

Hey there fellow coach, consultant, and online entrepreneur 

Here’s something no one tells new coaches. Having a website is like having a business card in the online world. It's proof that you, in fact, do have a business.  As soon as someone finds you the first thing they will do is search for your website, but you may be asking.. 

●     Where do I even start with building my own website?

●     What pages should I put up first?

●     Why is Squarespace is the best platform?

●     Can I really do this own my own?


Here’s a little truth bomb: You absolutely can build your own website just like I did

But you’ll need a step by step guide.

You got to work smarter, not harder!

You're just starting your business and the first thing you need to do is figure out your brand and your website. Having a website you're proud of and that reflects what you do is possible 

If you’ve wished you could…

➢    Coach more people and make more money by collecting payment on your site. 

➢    Have the freedom to actually step out of your office and have some fun and know that your business is still running.

➢    Impact the lives of your followers in a bigger, more profound way by showcasing your offerings, blog, or podcast.


Then you need a website that works for you. 

If you’ve been running around in circles with all your ideas haven't been able to put them into a place where your clients can find you, your website, then this course is for you.

Imagine being able to:

 Hear cha-ching in your sleep, the sound of another e-book or e-course sale coming through before you even snoozed for an hour because you'r website was out into the universe.


Because here’s the thing about being an entrepreneur, it’s all in your hands. You’ve got incredible talent, amazing gifts, and people need you. Now it’s time to learn how to put your expertise out into the world so that you can be found. 

Ready to have it all?


Design Your Squarespace


This program will help you get clear on how you want your website to look and feel. 

Module 1: Interview with Kim Heintz an online tools guru

This interview will explain why Squarespace is the best platform for creating your website and a few other tools that will help you grow your business. 

Module 2: Squarespace Tutorial 

✓ the basics of Squarespace

✓ 3 most important pages you need to have up and running before anything else so you can start receiving clients. 

✓ How to brand your website with your colors, images, and fonts

Module 3: Your Designer Brand

✓ A look at some of the best brands and why they work

✓ How to decide what your brand stands for and who it will attract

✓Creating your brand board

Module 4: Tools for Running Your Business

I'm sharing my top tools for running my business, getting clients, and getting featured in articles, summits, and interviews. 


Become The Coach Who stands out online and has a website to back up her business

Here’s the deal. If you want to grow your business into high six- or seven-figures, then you have to start working smarter, not harder. Quit trying to cram more hours into the day, and more work into your hours, and make your time work for you. Create programs that sell themselves, that clients can work through on their own, and that bring in the high-end, high-paying work that lets you focus on solid coaching.

Start earning passive and residual income with content that keeps working, even when you’re sleeping.

This course is the path. It will show you exactly how to use all that knowledge, information, and skills you have to share and get it working on your behalf.

It’s time to put that content to work and turn it into ongoing income - without having to work 16 hours a day!



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